Kaizen in the Digital Classroom (June 23 & 26, 2020)

Kaizen in the Digital Classroom (June 23 & 26, 2020)

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We often hear the saying, “there is always a room for improvement” and that is indeed is a fact. The Japanese term ”KAIZEN” which means “change-for-the-better” developed by Masaaki Imai is a fantastic practice, principle, and methodology to redesign the way of our thinking and living for greater performance.

Kaizen in the classroom will talk about identifying wastes and creating small steps to improvement to achieve maximum learning and teaching performance.

Dee a graduate of clinical Psychology with vast experience in manufacturing will bring what he learned in 2 different fields and share them in Kaizen in classroom.


At the end of this learning session, participants will be able to:

Cite the basic principles of KAIZEN.
Identify the types of Wastes (Muda) in the Classroom.
Provide a framework and work-out plan for KAIZEN initiatives.

Learning Session Outline (Intensive Style of Learning):

Session One
KAIZEN Principles
The Psychology of KAIZEN
KAIZEN and IGIKAI: A Holistic Blend of Stress-Free Teaching

Session Two
Application of KAIZEN in the classroom
Eliminating Wastes in Teaching
Small Steps to Improvement
Monozukuri: Creating Your “Learning Production Board”

Total Learning Session Run    : 3 hours
Preferred Time of Class        : 2PM
Preferred date            :    June 23 & 26

Target audience: Teachers and School Administrators
Rodel "Dee" Ancot is a graduate of Clinical Psychology with 36units earned masteral studies in Psychology, and currently taking MS Industrial Engineering and Management course. Dee is an HR Practitioner for more than a decade in manufacturing, construction, engineering and design, retail, advertising, agriculture, and paper products group of companies.